Play 2 Pair - How to Pair According to ABA Principles

Play 2 Pair - How to Pair According to ABA Principles

We always hear BCBA's say have you been " pairing " with the client? When I first started working as a behavior therapist, no one explained to me how to pair with a client. Pairing with client is not only focused building a relationship with the client, but establishing yourself as a potent reinforcer. The more reinforcing you are with a client, the likeliness they will improve under your treatment services.

According to ABA Principles, we learn that the ABA  therapy may not work as effectively unless the client is motivated to engage in the target behavior.  ( Basically,  It needs to be in their heart to learn something new! )  So to create a new motivation in their hearts, we must know how to pair correctly with our clients.

Here are some easy tips: 

1.  Follow the client's lead in the naturalistic environment 

2. Find preferred activities that pair well with the client's sensory stimulations 

3. Engage in the preferred activities with the client 

4.  Take Turns ( Say : My Turn /  Your Turn)

5. Mand Train ( Train them to ask for preferred activities. Why? They are least likely to engage in challenging behaviors because they know you will give them what they want and need when they are engaging in desirable behaviors) 

Benefits of correct pairing: More Instructional Control - Decreased Maladaptive Behaviors, and Increased Compliance! 

Your benefit: Decreased RBT/ BT burnout! 

Have Fun! 

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